Our Goal

Giving back to those in need.  For every bag of coffee you from FLF we give a percent of that profit to organizations like Thirst Relief International. 

For us coffee is more than to just drink and energize ourselves. We also are getting the pleasure to work with hard working men and women everyday. To these people coffee is something special, much more than a kick in the pants but rather a way of life.  They have so little but give so much and many of these hard working El Salvadorian people don't even have access to safe clean drinking water.

But with your help and your purchase of our coffee we are able to give back to the community and touch the lives of many people who invest everything they have into making a great cup of coffee for you.

So thank you for stopping in, buying a pound or two, you never know who's life you are changing.


Thirst Relief

Our Mission: Saving lives and changing communities through clean water solutions.

Check them out at: www.thirstrelief.org

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