By donating a tree(s) to our farmers you are supporting their lively hood, their bread and butter, and their families.  The more trees the more coffee, the more coffee the more income. Changing their lives for the better.  One tree cost .35 cents, so your donation goes a long, long ways! Thank you!! 

Plant a Tree

For us coffee is more than a drink to energize ourselves, its a way of life. This is why we started a coffee farm in El Salvador. Our goal was to make an impact and use coffee to have a positive footprint on the hard working people who grow this beautiful coffee. To these farmers coffee is generational, something their fathers father have done.  The farmers and their families have very little, but work hard. The average El Salvadorian farmermakes less than $100 per month.  Finca la Familia wants to impact the community around the farm by being a catalyst of Change and helping raise current standards.  

With your help and purchase of Finca la Familia coffee, we are able to give back to the community. Your support goes a long way.  Through our sales we strive to pay good wages , educate our workers and surrounding farmers about quality standards by giving them the tools needed to produce great coffee.  These changes are already underway and we are seeing exciting growth with a wonderful production of quality coffee. Also with your support a COOP is forming. The goal is to connect local farmersdirectly to roasters by furthering their knowledge about specialty coffee and sustainable growing practices.  

With every purchase you make from our farm you help us continue our work in El Salvador, providing more jobs, helping more people, and making an impact in the lives around us.  So thank you for stopping in, buying a pound or two, because you never know who's life you are changing.

Chase Williams
Owner and Grower at Finca La Familia



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