Our farm currently consist of 15 acres sitting in the beautiful mountains just outside of Jayaque, El Salvador.  El Salvador has been known in years past for their excellent coffee and we are helping bring back that reputation.  This last year we started a CO-OP that we hope to continue to grow in upcoming years, and help educate farmers on specialty coffee and get their coffee sold at better prices in the U.S.  In the next few years we plan on build a bigger Mill on our farm to process coffee for local farmers, to improve their quality and provide more jobs for the region.  Also we are looking to expand in a huge way, which we will release information on after the expansion is complete.  There is a lot of exciting and incredible things happening at FLF and if you want to be apart of that excitement and growth, or if you want to know more, we would love to hear from you! 

Learn more about our processing and farmers below.


We take pride in our process to ensure our coffee is delivered to you at its highest quality.  Each bean has been picked, cleaned, and sorted by hand to ensure quality you can't get everywhere else.  Our goal is to provide outstanding coffee that stirs emotion, and drives the need for wanting more.  Our process is simple yet delicate, refined and provides the flavors and experience that you love and brings you back for more.

- ONE -

All coffee is hand picked, hand sorted with careful attention to detail.  Our goal is excellent flavor in every cup and to achieve that we maintain high quality control. Picking out the bad and leaving the incredible.

- TWO -

After the best is sorted out we proceed to the processing.  Our coffee is placed on raised African drying beds.  This allows the coffee beans to soak up all the natural flavors from the cherries, providing complex and delicious flavors.


After our coffee has been processed and cleaned it goes through a second sorting process before being shipped.  Once here in the U.S. the coffee is sold to roasters or roasted by us to sell to you directly.  Providing a unique farm to cup coffee source.



We are a family of coffee growers.  We believe in treating those who work for us, with us, and invest in us, like family.  Our goal is for everyone we come in contact with to feel apart of our farm, and something bigger than themselves. Our workers are our extended family, to see more photos check out "the people"


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