Our Story

   Growing the Perfect Cup  


We love coffee! I mean, we really LOVE coffee, but for our family this journey is so much more than that.Our family decided in 2013 to make a dramatic change in our lives that would be a big investment for all of us.  

Finc La Familia specialty coffee growers. Coffee at it's best

We found a small plot of land in Jayaque, El Salvador and decided to purchase a coffee farm and help develop the economy in that region.  Now we are a family of coffee growers and we continue to improve the farm and the community surrounding it.  Our goal is to impact those around us and create a legacy, a heritage to leave behind.

During our first trip to El Salvador we had the chance to visit a local coffee farm.  There we feel in love with the farmers, culture and community.  We also saw something else, poverty, and a lot of it.  Soon after that trip we felt it on our hearts to do something and find a way to give back, build a sustainable business that will grow the local economy and most of all help those around us. 

Today that is just what we are doing and continue to strive towards everyday.  Not only paying our workers above the average wages, but teaching and educating them to create a career in the coffee industry.  Our goals don't stop and won't stop here.  More is coming and our dreams are big.